Monday, November 25, 2013

Ilchi Lee Brain Education Information and Benefits

Most of the time people who feel ill will turn to doctors and load up on medicines and supplements to heal their physical bodies. This set of processes is fine if the feeling of malaise is indeed physical but what if it is more than that? What if the illness is brought about by an imbalance in your energy centres? No amount of medicine will help you balance your chakras. The best thing for you to do would be to educate yourself on learning how to use your brain for mind-body healing.

What is brain education?

According to Ilchi Lee, the brain is something that is exclusive to experts and scientists. Each and every human being has the power and the ability to understand their own brains because it has so much power over every aspect of their lives. According to Ilchi Lee, within the brain is everything a person is and everything a person can be and this is why mastering the brain is a must. He then created ‘brain education’ so he can give people of all ages tangible tools to manage their brains and thereby reach personal growth and fulfilment.

Brain Education starts with a foundation of good physical health that has a focus on proper function of the sensory systems and motor; and it even goes beyond that. With this form of education, you learn to transform the stress response whereby you place it in the care or service of a much higher executive control. When used by an individual, it can teach you a lot about self-actualization and also help empower you. When used collectively, it can be a tool for the overall betterment of humanity.

In order for you to make the life that you want and to treat is as the great gift that it is you have to make use of your brain. The problem is that most people look at their brains and only consider it for its processing power and forget that it is a guide for basically everything they do and feel; it feels, it reacts, it gets angry, and it dictates behaviour.

With greater awareness of how the brain works and given tools to improve its functions, you can bet you will start to see and feel results in no time at all. Brain Education can help you make better choices that will improve your circumstances and help you become a better person that works for the good of everyone and not just yourself.

Try it out

It really is to your benefit to try out the techniques given by Ilchi Lee Brain Education. You will be introduced to the different stages of brain awakening and each one will be explained thoroughly because knowledge brings you power to gain control over your mental facilities. Not only will you be guided through the five different steps but you will also be introduced to brain wave tools like the BOS principle and the Brain Wave tool to get you started.

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  1. Dr Ilchi Lee is a world-renowned peace activist and spiritual leader. He is the creator of Dahn Yoga and Brain Respiration, a comprehensive system of physical and mental exercises that seeks to use the energy, or "Ki" system of the body to attain a spiritual awakening.